Health and Safety Precautions

National Conference Attendees,

We are monitoring the situation in Orlando and in the rest of the country very closely. Unfortunately, due to our contractual obligations, it is very difficult for us to cancel the event outright without having restrictions imposed by the property, state, or local government, or a broader federal mandate. We have not seen any information indicating this is forthcoming. ​ ​We wanted to be transparent that we are carefully watching the situation and also assure you that we will be taking every precaution at our disposal during the conference. We have posted our event health and safety information on our website and will be updating that information as needed.

Our precautions and attendee guidance are based on CDC guidance for large gatherings and the requirements of our venue Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista-Disney Springs.

Our Event Health and Safety Preparations

  • We are asking that only vaccinated individuals join us in person for this event.
  • We have capped registration for this event at 650. This allows us to seat all attendees for our plenary and breakout sessions using at least 6 ft. social distancing.
  • Our venue requires staff and guests to wear masks. We will be providing masks to all attendees, and setting all event rooms for maximum social distancing during plenary sessions and breakouts, and there will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue.
  • The Hilton has instituted enhanced health and safety protocols for its facilities, staff, and conference locations. Learn more about EventReady with CleanStay.
  • Our venue is a Disney property that has more stringent health and safety practices than the state of Florida. This property is relatively isolated on the Disney Resort and it is currently 100% contracted for conference attendees.
  • Our welcome reception will be held in a large outdoor space on the property​​.

Attendee Health and Safety Recommendations

  • We encourage all attendees to get vaccinated and complete their final vaccination at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Mask up at our event and throughout travel to and from the event.
  • We are also offering stickers for attendee name badges so that individuals may indicate their comfort level with close contact. Please respect others' contact preferences.
  • Replace handshakes and hugs with an elbow bump and follow ​proper handwashing and social distancing​ practices​.
  • If you are unvaccinated, ​please join us virtually or at a later event when travel and gatherings are safe.

Expectation for Attendees

  • Please remember to mask up while indoors at the event.
  • Comply with the social distancing preferences of other attendees. We are offering color-coded dots to add to attendee name badges so that individuals may indicate their comfort level with close contact. Please respect others' contact preferences.


Information for On-Site Check-in

We are working to decrease contact at the event and have made some changes to our check-in process.

  • We will have self-service check-in at the event registration desk.
  • Please grab your name badge and event materials. Name badges will be available at staggered tables.
  • Staff will be on-site to assist as needed.
  • To help minimize contact, we will not process payments onsite.
  • We ask that you download our conference app prior to your arrival (check your email or use the QR code below to download the app)!


  • Please monitor your own health. If you are unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend the event. All in-person attendees will also have access to the virtual event platform and can access conference content there.



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