Accreditation Institutes

Led by experienced professionals from NACEP-accredited concurrent enrollment programs, this in-depth workshop features strategies for implementing NACEP’s national standards that enhance the quality of concurrent enrollment programs.

NACEP's Virtual Accreditation Institute is available to view on-demand. Attendance at this event fulfills the requirement of attending an Accreditation Institute for programs interested in submitting an application for the 2022-2023 cycle.

Experienced trainers from leading NACEP-accredited programs cover the following learning objectives:

  • The importance of upholding high standards to ensure the academic integrity of college courses
  • Ways to engage faculty and other key stakeholders in implementing quality improvement practices
  • The range of practices described by NACEP’s standards
  • Strategies for conducting a self-study to align a concurrent enrollment program with NACEP’s national standards
  • Types of documentary evidence necessary to assemble an exemplary accreditation application
  • How to navigate NACEP’s peer-review program accreditation

NACEP's Accreditation Institute is great for:

  • the college or university’s concurrent enrollment coordinator,
  • the college or university’s chief academic officer or designee,
  • college faculty who provide academic oversight over courses offered for concurrent enrollment, and
  • key high school partners, such as a school district superintendent, district or school-based concurrent enrollment coordinator, or high school principal.

Accreditation Institute Resources- 2021 National Conference (Restricted)

Accreditation Institute Resources (Restricted)

Virtual Accreditation Institute Resources 2020 (Restricted)

Resources from NACEP's Accreditation Institute are restricted to individuals who have attended an Institute previously. Please contact, if this applies to you and you need the password to access these materials.

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