Past Webinars

Research Round-Up: The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

This NACEP research roundup focuses on what research tells us about the benefits of dual enrollment for students. Presenters will review and discuss articles specific to the field. Viewers will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions as well as review articles prior to the webinar.

Research Rendezvous

Join NACEP’s Research Rendezvous and learn from practiced researchers ways to collect and analyze data from assessment and evaluation, program planning, and beyond.

#WWR- Leveraging Culture Competency in Dual Enrollment Program Planning

Join our Wednesday Webinar Rewind presentation and explore the importance of cultural competency in dual enrollment program planning conversations. We discussed strategic planning concepts and how cultural understanding can help institutions meet student and community needs.

#WWR- Taking the Duel out of Dual Credit

This is a Wednesday Webinar Rewind and shares lessons learned and best practices on how to cultivate a postsecondary environment in a high school classroom.