Accreditation Peer Reviewer

Greetings Accredited Members,

I invite you to serve as an accreditation peer reviewer for the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). Accreditation is a central tenet of NACEP and provides institutions, programs, and partner high schools with a third-party, non-governmental mechanism for quality assurance. Peer reviewers are of utmost importance in determining whether an applicant’s program meets or exceeds NACEP Standards. Peer reviewers continue reviewing year after year because the experience provides a chance to glean new ideas from colleagues and share best practices. I hope you will consider serving as a peer reviewer.

To Become a Reviewer

You should complete this brief form to indicate interest in serving as a Peer Reviewer.

Nominations will be accepted through August 31

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities

  • Review up to two NACEP accreditation applications per year
  • Participate in a reviewer online training 
  • Participate in email exchanges and conference calls with Peer Review Team members
  • Consult with Coordinating Commissioner for guidance on standards interpretation
  • Provide feedback to applicants regarding exemplary program practices and recommendations for improvement (through Team Coordinator)
  • Commit to taking the time and attention necessary to do a thorough review (approximately 20-30 hours per application)
  • Participate in a Site Visit (as a member of the Peer Review Team) 
  • Document (as a member of the Peer Review Team) a comprehensive final Peer Review Team Report with recommendations for improvement and documenting exemplary program practices

 Peer Reviewer Qualifications

  • Experience working with NACEP-accredited Concurrent Enrollment Partnership and/or College Provided Faculty endorsement
  • Working knowledge of NACEP standards, their intent, and application
  • An understanding of the benefits of standards-based concurrent enrollment for all programs
  • Currently serving as a concurrent enrollment director, college administrator, staff member, faculty liaison, or secondary partner member who is affiliated with a NACEP Accredited Program.

Please also note this on eligibility:

Accredited institutions going through re-accreditation can provide reviewers but those individuals will not be able to serve as a Team Lead.

You cannot serve as a reviewer under a One-Year Extension.

We have a great webinar that will help you get a better understanding of becoming a Peer Reviewer.

NACEP will host monthly live Peer Reviewer webinars. Each webinar will equip you with tools and techniques to serve as a Peer Reviewer. You will be able to register in advance for each webinar and receive email reminders. All webinars will be recorded and be available for viewing. Follow the  link to register.

Accreditation Application Timeline

Follow the link to review Accreditation Application Timeline.

Conflict of Interest

To ensure the integrity of the accreditation review process, Peer Reviewers must not have any real or perceived interest in the outcome of the accreditation review that would affect their ability to exercise objective and independent judgment. Prior to confirming your service as a reviewer, you will be asked to complete a NACEP Accreditation Reviewer Agreement and disclose any potential conflicts.

Please give serious consideration to participating in this service to fellow NACEP members; or if you already serve as a reviewer, encourage a colleague to become involved. Accredited programs can have more than one representative participate in the review process. Programs preparing for reaccreditation in the next year or two are strongly encouraged to serve as peer reviewers this year.

I appreciate your dedication to advancing high-quality concurrent enrollment programming. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with questions or concerns.

Warmest Regards,

Freda Richmond

Director of Accreditation