Accreditation Peer Reviewer

NACEP accreditation provides institutions, programs, and partner high schools with a third-party, non-governmental mechanism for quality assurance and our Peer Review Teams are an important component in this process. Their role assists in determining if a program meets or exceeds the NACEP standards through the accreditation application and evidence process.

Peer Reviewers gain a wide range of knowledge, best practices, and colleague connections in a number of concurrent enrollment areas. Below are examples of how serving as a Peer Reviewer can enhance your professional skill sets:

  •  If you are new to your position and your program is NACEP accredited, this is an excellent opportunity to dive in and learn about our standards and evidence
  • Gain insight into the many ways a program operates based on resources, support, funding, and initiatives
  • Establish professional connections and collaborations with colleagues around the nation
  • Increase awareness of program challenge and their wins
  • Share and gain experiences and knowledge from your peers, contributing to the larger concurrent enrollment picture
  • Build leadership, team building, and communicative skills
  • Use the experience for professional development, tenure, or promotional opportunities (if applicable through your institution)
  • Showcase your experience on your resume or CV

Is your program preparing for NACEP Re-Accreditation soon?

Serving as a Peer Reviewer is an effective way to refresh your knowledge in the NACEP standards and application to help in the preparation of your reaccreditation.

NACEP Accredited Program Obligations:

NACEP-accredited programs must provide a volunteer once every three years in the role of a peer reviewer, commissioner, board, or committee member. Programs not in compliance will be subject to the Commission’s Sanctions Policy. Under extraordinary circumstances such as staff turnover, vacant positions, etc., programs may apply for an exemption. All exemptions are subject to the Accreditation Commission’s review.

Accredited programs may also have more than one representative participate as a Peer Reviewer. This experience is invaluable and creates a collaborative understanding between colleagues, especially if they are recent in their concurrent enrollment roles.



Peer Reviewer Eligibility:

  • Employed or affiliated with a current NACEP-accredited institutional program
  • Holds a position of CEP director or staff member, college administrator, faculty liaison, or secondary partner
  • Experience working with NACEP-accredited programs
  • Working knowledge of NACEP standards, their intent, and application
  • An understanding of the benefits of standards-based concurrent enrollment for all programs
  • Will need to complete a Conflict of Interest Agreement to ensure the integrity of the accreditation review process and not have real or perceived interest in the outcome of the accreditation review that would affect your ability to exercise objective and independent judgment
  • Complete Peer Reviewer training (if applicable)
  • Returning Peer Reviewers DO NOT need to complete the training

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities:

  • Review (at most) two NACEP accreditation applications per review cycle
  • Participate in training (if applicable)
  • Participate in email exchanges and conference calls with Peer Review Team members
  • Consult with Coordinating Commissioner for guidance on standards interpretation
  • Provide feedback to applicants regarding exemplary program practices and recommendations for improvement (Peer Review Team Lead)
  • Commit to taking the time and attention necessary to do a thorough review (approximately 20-30 hours per application)
  • Attend a Virtual Site Visit (set up by the applicant)
  • As a Peer Review Team, compile a comprehensive final report with recommendations for improvement and document exemplary program practices

IMPORTANT: Institutions seeking re-accreditation can provide peer reviewers, but those individuals cannot serve as a Peer Review Team Lead. Also, institutions that received an extension for their accreditation application cannot serve as a peer reviewer at this time.

What to learn more about being a Peer Reviewer?

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