State and Regional Chapters

NACEP invites you to bring the resources of NACEP's national organization to your state or region by establishing a NACEP-affiliated state or regional chapter. First established in 2014, a state or regional chapters is a great way to ensure the advancement of dual and concurrent enrollment issues important in your communities.

NACEP State and Regional Chapters provide opportunities for

  • organized local conferences and other professional development opportunities
  • support on program improvement and alignment with NACEP's national quality standards, and
  • leadership development opportunities

State and regional alliances of concurrent enrollment partnerships are encouraged to apply to become designated affiliated chapters of NACEP. In addition, any Affiliated Chapter or NACEP member institution may request that NACEP formally endorse a member-hosted conference.

Affiliated Chapters receive:
  • Extensive resources to support advocacy and professional development efforts
  • Direct access to NACEP's repository of nationally recognized content experts and Network of Members
  • NACEP's endorsement for chapter events and conferences
  • Organizational support from NACEP's leadership
  • Publicity of chapter website and events via NACEP's website, listserv and events via NACEP’s website and other communications

To learn more about how to become a NACEP affiliated chapter, please read our State and Regional Chapter Toolkit. Further questions can be directed to Dianne Barker.