Accreditation Resources and Application Forms

NACEP Accreditation Guides

The Accreditation Guide for CEP for Peer Reviewers and Applicants includes an interpretation of NACEP’s Standards, the range of acceptable practices, frequently asked questions about the Standards, and advice on assembling a well-designed accreditation application to facilitate peer review. It was updated in March 2020.

Accreditation Guide for CPF

Self Study Resources

A concurrent enrollment program (CEP) wishing to become accredited or renew their accreditation should begin their self-study one to two years in advance of submitting an accreditation application. During the self-study, CEP staff, faculty and partners analyze how they ensure that NACEP standards are being met. Through the self study the CEP documents how it implements the practices and policies described in all 16 of NACEP’s standards.

A self-study provides an opportunity for CEPs to become more innovative, strengthen policies and practices, and institute greater transparency and consistency. The self-study concludes once the CEP is able to ensure and document that all NACEP standards are being met.

During the self-study, prospective applicants are encouraged to access NACEP’s resources to strengthen their CEP program, including:

  • The Accreditation Guide For Peer Reviewers and Applicant that includes interpretation of NACEP’s Standards, the range of acceptable practices, frequently asked questions about the Standards, and advice on assembling a well-designed accreditation application to facilitate peer review.
  • Attending an Accreditation Institute workshop or presentations on the Standards and effective program practices at the NACEP National Conference.
  • Asking NACEP staff and volunteers for advice. NACEP offers a Pre-Accreditation Coaching Program matching an experienced professional from a NACEP-accredited CEP to advise a prospective applicant during the self-study. Members interested in the coaching program should contact Freda Richmond at
  • Soliciting documents, resources, and examples of best practices from peer professionals around the country via the NACEP members-only listserv.
  • Review past accreditation applicant webinars, the Survey Guide, Program Evaluation Guide, evaluation survey templates, and other resources on this webpage.

NACEP staff and volunteer leaders are happy to assist you in conducting your self-study.

Evaluation Survey Templates

The NACEP Essential Questions for Evaluation Surveys were required to be used by all NACEP-accredited concurrent enrollment programs through the 2017-18 school year, as well as all programs seeking NACEP accreditation in summer 2018.  Under the 2017 revisions to the Standards, programs have greater flexibility in the methods used for program evaluation.   Programs new to program evaluation are encouraged to utilize NACEP’s survey templates. Programs with greater evaluation experience may continue to use or adapt NACEP’s survey templates, or conduct evaluations using alternative research methods and data collection techniques.  The Accreditation Guide contains advice for programs using alternative research methods.

Further advice and guidance on effective practices for administering evaluation surveys is available in the NACEP Survey Guide: Resources for Conducting Concurrent Enrollment Evaluation Surveys.  NACEP is developing additional program evaluation guidance and resources aligned with the 2017 revisions to the standards.

If you plan to collect responses to these surveys electronically using SurveyMonkey, NACEP may be able to provide you with templates you can use. Please contact Freda Richmond at for more information.

Word Templates Containing Board-approved Essential Questions

Additional Resources

Application Forms & Cover sheets

The cover sheets were last updated in 2018 and should be used for applications submitted starting with the 2019-2020 accreditation cycle. Please submit documented evidence that the practices described in the standards were in place during the school year immediately preceding the application. Note, Accreditation Application Coversheet, Program Description, Recommended Template for Discipline/Course Listing, and P1 Form is below.

Notes: There is a limitation in the Acrobat preview window on certain browsers which prevents display of certain PDF files, including the NACEP-supplied cover sheets with fill-in forms. On download, they will work fine. If Box does not come up, please clear your cookies and history. 

Forms are located here.

Extra Page for Use with Any Standard
If your narrative requires additional space for a particular standard, please use the second-page form above. Please use extra pages judiciously as Peer Reviewers appreciate concise writing. Consider including some of the narratives with a specific piece of evidence, rather than the cover sheet.

NACEP Curriculum and Assessment Statement of Equivalency.  Please provide your Faculty Liaisons with a copy of the guiding questions to aid them in writing their statements.  This can also be found in Appendix B of the Accreditation Guide.

Programs submit completed accreditation applications electronically via NACEP’s online file management system, including the cover sheets and evidence submitted as documentation for each standard. Please follow NACEP’s Requirements for Preparing Electronic Accreditation Applications in organizing your application.