Resources for Connect 2020 Presenters


Q: What are the three conference tracks for Connect 2020?

A: This year’s content is divided into three tracks: Build, Lead, and Innovate


These sessions focus on the fundamental nuts and bolts of these programs including partnerships, logistics, processes, coordination, program supports, and building continuity and capacity. Session attendees leave with a concrete understanding of program structure and function as well as useful tips and tools to work on one or more of the elements needed to build, grow, and sustain concurrent and dual enrollment programs.


These sessions focus on ways that the field can lead substantive change in education, build a bigger voice, and generally elevate the understanding, role, or utilization of concurrent and dual enrollment programs in America’s education landscape. Session attendees leave inspired with a concrete understanding about the vital role of these programs in transforming the education in ways that serve our students and our communities.


These sessions highlight solutions, novel approaches, and new directions for new or existing programs. Session attendees leave with new perspectives, insights, and tools that will help them innovate, from small changes to total program overhaul.

Q: Do I need to register for Connect 2020 to present?

A: Yes, we ask that presenters attend their session to engage with attendees.

Q: When is the last day to submit session materials for our breakout?

A: October 2nd

Q: We have already submitted all session materials but would like to add a new resource to our session’s resource page?

A: NACEP and Workcast can accommodate a limited number of changes. Reach out to Eric or Amy to see if this is an option. You can also provide links to resources during your session using the Q/A dialogue box.

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Questions from Orientations:

As promised, we wanted to provide follow up to some of the most common questions that came up on the orientation sessions (I know there are a few of you that will be attending and orientation Friday). We will post these to the presenter’s resources page as well.

We’d like to use live presenter audio for part of our session, what are our options? 

Workcast said that while there are a variety of options, but more complex requests require more coordination and add to the chance that something might get missed or go awry.  Their team of event coordinators will be monitoring sessions from the backside and the attendee side, watching for unexpected issues. The more standardized the session approaches are, the easier it is to identify if something goes wrong. Therefore, they would like sessions that want to include live presenter audio to choose one of two approaches, either start with live audio or end with audio. They described a couple of examples of how this has been used. Presentations that have started with live audio have done brief intros, added a poll, discussed and then started the pre-recorded content. The presenter's field questions during the event via the Q/A box and when the content ends, the session ends. When live audio is used at the end it is generally for presenters to answer questions that surfaced during the session via the Q/A box.

Following our pre-recorded content, we’d like to offer attendees the option to join us in a zoom room. Is this an option?

Yes, if you have a platform (zoom, WebEx, Go-to-meeting, Google Meet) you would like to use for a discussion you can structure your session and resources to make this an option. You can add the meeting room link to your session resources and close your recorded content by directing attendees to find and use the link you’ve included in the resources.  Keep in mind any capacity restrictions your platform may have. Each breakout slot will only have three sessions to choose from, so you may have a handful of attendees in your room to hundreds.


We have three different panelists for our session. Can we each record our own part of the session and submit three different mp4 files to be played in order for the breakout?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. We need one mp4 file from each session.


When do we need to have our polls ready?

Those planning to use polls should submit them in advance, as part of their final submitted material, which is due October 2nd. Workcast will need the question and answers for your poll(s) and a timestamp to know when to launch the poll during your session. They did mention that polls appear as pop-ups that darken the screen to draw attention. So keep this in mind. The also mentioned that the best use of polls they have seen this year are as a pre/post approach. The described a recent session from a big pharma conference. The presenters started with a poll asking attendees whether COVID was good or bad for big pharma. The session discussed the impact of COVID on the industry from two viewpoints. The post-session poll used the same question to assess impact on attendee’s perceptions.



  • Lead presenters must confirm the session with NACEP by 8/31/2020 using this form


Required for final submission:


Presenters information (for lead and co-presenters)

  • Presenter’s names, affiliations, contact info

Session Details

  • Final Session Title and Abstract

File Uploads

  • Presenter’s headshot’s
  • Presentation as .mp4 file (if NACEP didn’t record the session for you)
  • Resources for the presentation (links, handouts, guides, etc.)
  • Complete your session rehearsal with Workcast
  • Develop any q/a prompts, polling, or other engagement options for your session
  • Confirm your session date and time with NACEP and your co-presenters
  • Have an awesome session!
Tips and Workcast Resources

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Orientation Session Materials

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