Past Events from May 23, 2024 - May 29, 2024Webinars

DEEP Dive: Achieving the Potential of Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment has the potential to be transformational. But how can you ensure your program is equitable, purposeful, and effective, particularly among high school students who might otherwise not be on track to attend college?

In this webinar from Parchment and NACEP, John Fink, Aurely Garcia Tulloch, and Sarah Griffin from the Community College Resource Center (CCRC) will review their latest research on the potential of dual enrollment and present a research-based framework for reform called ‘dual enrollment equity pathways’ or DEEP.

New Year, Next Phase: Launching The Next Phase of Dual Enrollment Policy

Over the last six years, the College in High School Alliance (CHSA) has supported the field of policymakers and practitioners in conceptualizing and supporting the implementation of policies to expand access to dual enrollment programs nationwide, grounded in the principles of improving equity of access, ensuring high-quality, and promoting student success.

Research Rendezvous

Led by members of the NACEP Research Commission, the Research Rendezvous is the perfect place to explore the intersection of research and practice. Attendees include researchers, graduate students, and the research curious who want to better understand research as a tool for program monitoring and improvement.  Research Rendezvous is an informal meeting of colleagues that...

Concurrent Enrollment Review – Insights for Publishing

Description: We invite anyone who is interested in research, publishing, and utilizing the Concurrent Enrollment Review (CER) to join this webinar. CER is the first peer-reviewed journal exclusively on dual and concurrent enrollment. It is both a resource and a tool for improving and advancing dual and concurrent enrollment. This webinar will: 1.) Provide a...

Research Round Up

Save the date for a special Valentine's Edition the Research Roundup with Research We LOVE! Does good data make your heart pound? Are you seeking a Love Connection with that special study to help guide your work? Join members of the NACEP Research Commission as they share the seminal papers they love and the impact...

The Ins & Outs of Your NACEP Membership

Presenter: Andrea Roma, NACEP Accreditation and Member Services Manager Description: Do you want to understand your NACEP membership or are you thinking about a NACEP membership? Do you want to learn all the benefits you get for being a NACEP member? Do you want to know where to find all of our awesome resources? Then...

Surveying the Student Experience: What Are Students Telling Us About the Dual Enrollment Experience?

Time: 1:00 pm EST Description: Research on dual enrollment exists-such as that focused on state policy and participation rates-but what is missing from the equation is information about what students experience while they are dually enrolled. To understand how to ensure better access and promote positive outcomes for all students in dual enrollment programs, community...

Learn About the Peer Reviewer Role

Whether you are a seasoned peer reviewer, interested in the role, an accredited member, or seeking NACEP accreditation, learn more about the Peer Reviewers role starting with eligibility, training, and collaboration in the application review process.

Research Rendezvous

What is the NACEP Research Rendezvous?  Led by members of the NACEP Research Commission, the Research Rendezvous is the perfect place to explore the intersection of research and practice. Learn from colleagues and practiced researchers during this casual, meeting-style forum. Meetings are often topic-based but also flexible to allow attendees to elevate questions, discuss challenges,...

2023 NACEP Salary Survey Release

NACEP is excited about the release of its highly anticipated 2023 Salary Survey. This comprehensive survey offers valuable insights into compensation trends within the dual and concurrent enrollment field, providing a detailed analysis of salaries across various roles and regions. View Recording (Member-Only) View Salary Survey (Member-Only)