YouTube Series: Concurrent Enrollment, Under the Hood

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment- Under the Hood came from conversations Brandon Kowallis, Salt Lake Community College, Concurrent Enrollment Director had with professionals at NACEP Conferences from across the nation that were just getting started building their CE programs and were desperate for ideas and resources.

What if you could dive into the nitty-gritty details of someone else’s concurrent enrollment program and see how it operates? Up until recently, this was only possible for those who served as accreditation peer reviewers. Over the last few months, however, Salt Lake Community College has decided to bear it all with the NACEP community and has been working on a YouTube show called “SLCC Concurrent Enrollment – Under the Hood."

In this show, SLCC will be going into detail about how their program operates from the organizational structure to the processes that make them run, to the way they partner with high schools, and a lot more.

Episode 1: What's Under the Hood