Planning For Pandemic Disruption

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Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (CEPs) face unprecedented disruption and much uncertainty in the months ahead. NACEP has compiled these two guides for programs to help them navigate the complexities of their programs in a time when they are prone to disruption

Planning for a Disrupted School Year

This guide highlights five areas that programs should be attending to as they navigate the 2020-2021 school year. It describes areas that may present challenges and suggests practices to help partnerships move forward despite changing conditions on the high school and college campus.


NACEP Quality Standards and Pandemic Disruption: A Resource for Programs Navigating Accreditation and Reaccreditation

NACEP provides a variety of resources to assist programs preparing for accreditation but none that address how to document program changes due to pandemic disruption. Given the challenges facing colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide, we wanted to assist accredited programs seeking reaccreditation and candidates preparing for accreditation with some guidance that recognizes the shifting conditions programs may be required to adapt to. This guide focuses in on NACEP standards we feel are most susceptible to disruption and provides guidance for how to approach documenting the context surrounding program changes now to help prepare for accreditation.


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