Issue Brief: Initial Course-Specific Training For Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

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Ultimately, the program knows the training is sufficient when the new teachers understand and can articulate, as well as put into action, the course philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments associated with the course. 

At the heart of the NACEP Accreditation Standards is a belief that college faculty play an integral role in ensuring parity in concurrent enrollment course content, assessments, and expectations. NACEP’s 16 standards in six categories serve to ensure the post-secondary institution offers the same college course in the high school as is offered on the campus and provides sufficient academic and program oversight to ensure course integrity. Integral to this process are the Faculty Standards which address the selection, preparation, and support of Concurrent Enrollment Instructors (CEIs). 

Onboarding new CEIs through “course-specific training” is central to NACEP’s F2 Faculty Standard, which focuses on initial instructor training. This approach orients CEIs to the important building blocks of the course they are preparing to teach and provides a foundation for the student learning and achievement that will take place in the classroom. It also serves as a first step in establishing a collaborative, ongoing partnership between the CEI and the Faculty Liaison (FL). 

So, how should FLs go about ensuring they provide new CEI’s with sufficient training on all the aspects of the course to be taught, while also building rapport? This brief provides a blueprint and resources to answer that question with the goal of helping FLs create course-specific training that is useful, meaningful, and supportive.