A Review of Empirical Studies on Dual Enrollment: Assessing Educational Outcomes

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More than ever, high school students in the United States have ambitious educational goals. That is, most high school students expect to attend college regardless of their academic performance (Jackson & Kurlaender, 2014). In 1976, 50% of high school seniors planned to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. In 2000, the percentage of high school seniors planning to earn at least a bachelor’s degree increased to 78% (Reynolds, Stewart, Macdonald, & Sischo, 2006). Not surprisingly, the percentage of high school students that enrolled in college immediately after high school has also increased, from 9% in 1939–40 to 69% in 2015 (Clotfelter, Ehrenberg, Getz, & Siegfried, 1991; National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2017).