Why Should You Apply for Leadership Academy?

April 11, 2023

Written by:

Reba Vest, Academic Advisor, Concurrent Enrollment, Utah Valley University

Two years ago, I was getting ready to participate in NACEP’s Leadership Academy. Little did I know how significant this experience would be. NACEP’s Leadership Academy is designed to help participants understand the inner functioning of NACEP and how participants can contribute to NACEP’s focus and goals. We had a variety of presenters, discussion topics, and articles; all remarkably interesting. But for me, the truly priceless experience was meeting the other participants. Four of us were working on projects related to advising. We started holding monthly small group meetings to keep each other motivated and moving forward on our projects.

In addition to our monthly small group meeting, the four of us got together for dinner at the Policy Seminar in DC, went sightseeing on our off time in DC, and even got in trouble with some guards at the Capital in DC. Yes, we truly bonded. The friendship we developed has transcended the Leadership Academy experience. We have helped each other through difficult work times and they even helped me develop a church lesson I was teaching. NACEP’s Leadership Academy is meant to develop new NACEP leaders, but it does so much more than that.

So, if you are thinking maybe but are not sure if this experience is for you, don’t hesitate! This is your chance to develop professionally and gain friendships that last and strengthen you personally.