May 12, 2021

OER in Dual Enrollment

Blog written by: Jennifer Zinth, Zinth Consulting, LLC The current reality in many states of flat K-12 funding – and flat (or reduced) higher education funding – poses challenges to state and local efforts to enhance dual enrollment equity, defined in Funding for Equity as when a state’s dual enrollment student population mirrors the demographic,…

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February 2, 2021

State of CTE: Dual Enrollment in Perkins V State Plans

The most recent reauthorization in 2018 (known as Perkins V) offered states new flexibility to increase their investment in dual and concurrent enrollment as an important part of a high-quality program of study.

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January 29, 2020

It Only Takes Five Minutes to Start

Written by: Michael Giazzoni, PhD, Director, College in High School, University of Pittsburgh We’re so busy in concurrent enrollment. We work in a complex arena, serving a number of audiences. We deal with problems like changing institutional priorities, registration snafus, visits to schools, confused faculty, overenthusiastic teachers, student and parent complaints, and our own long-term planning. And…

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November 13, 2019

Getting Serious About Equity In Dual Enrollment Programs

Check out this new blog post in the Education Commission of the States #EdNote by NACEP Executive Director, Amy Williams. College-in-high-school programs — such as dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment and early college high school — are popular and impactful. Across the country, states are turning to these models as tools to improve college access and…

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