New NACEP Leadership: Newly Elected Board and Commissioners

September 19, 2019

This has certainly been a busy year for NACEP. Our new Executive Director, Amy Williams, is doing an outstanding job in her new role.

In addition to the appointment of a new Executive Director, our membership adopted new by-laws, dramatically changing the governing structure of NACEP. These changes significantly expand the role that all members can play in NACEP leadership by creating many new elected and appointed leadership roles. The new by-laws go into effect on October 15. In preparation for this change in structure, we conducted regional elections to complete the membership of our newly created Advocacy, Engagement and Research Commissions. Below you will find a list of those newly elected and appointed individuals.

We will be adding a great deal of talent and energy to NACEP as we move forward. Thanks to all of you who helped with this effort. We look forward to getting to work under our new structure. I am sure you join me in congratulating these newly elected and appointed individuals.

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