Pre-Application Upload Links

Please use the links below to complete your Pre-Application.

Click to access Program Discipline Template.

Name file: InstitutionName_DisciplineList_EndorsementName

Coversheets: click to access blank coversheets

Name file: InstitutionName_CoversheetName_EndorsementName

Name file: InstitutionName_CoversheetName_EndorsementName


If applying for both endorsements:

  • CEP and CPF - P1, P2, S1, S2, S4, E1, and E2 – Documentation may be the same for both endorsements if a single process, procedure, or policy is followed.
  • CEP and CPF - S3 and S4 – Describe differences between the CEP and CPF models and the reason for the differences.
  • CEP - F3 and CPF – F2 A single annual professional development event can include instructors for Concurrent Enrollment Programs and College Provided Faculty model.