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A resource for information on concurrent and dual enrollment

Blog Objective:

To discuss best practices, new, questions, experiences, and challenges in concurrent enrollment. No topic is off limits.


Every post should give actionable advice that informs our audience and helps them excel at their work in concurrent and dual enrollment.


Any individual who is integral to the successful operation of a concurrent
or dual enrollment program. This includes administrators, program coordinators, faculty liaisons, counselors, teachers, students, etc.


To submit a blog, please email Miranda Rodriguez, NACEP Communication Manager at

Style Guidelines

  • Limit your blog to 300-500 words.
  • Write in short, readable sentences.
  • Use an informal tone (say I, we, you).
  • Use contractions as you normally would.
  • Use subtitles or bullets to highlight major points.
  • Images and videos are encouraged.
  • Have a point of view, but be balanced.
  • Provide a nugget of information that will enlighten or inspire.