NACEP Webinars, March 2023: Policy and Practice

Utilizing Centers for Teaching and Learning to Support CEI Professional Development 


Date: March 8, 2023

Type of Webinar: Member-Only


  • Christine Denecker, Associate Vice President for Learning and Innovation Director, Center for Teaching and Program Excellence, University of Findlay
  • Teresa Focarile, Associate Director for Educational Development
    Center for Teaching and Learning, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing, Boise State University

Description: The expansion of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships has provided access to college to a wide range of students but has also created a challenge for institutions to support the professional development needs of Concurrent Enrollment Instructors (CEIs). Inherent to student success is the work of these instructors, who range from secondary teachers to college adjuncts and full-time faculty. While NACEP advises that post-secondary institutions rely on Faculty Liaisons (FLs) to train and mentor CEIs, FLs often do not have the time or experience needed to take sole responsibility for CEIs’ ongoing professional needs. Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTLs) can fill this professional development gap by providing FLs with training and strategies designed to ensure successful college-level teaching and learning. In this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for how CTLs and FLs can partner to support CEI professional development. The presenters will also offer specific examples of how their CTLs have provided guidance for course orientation, creation of paired assessments, site visits, and more. 



Date: March 15, 2023


  • Amy Williams, Executive Director, NACEP
  • Alex Perry, Policy Advisor, Foresight Law + Policy
  • Jenny Parks, Vice President, Midwestern Higher Education Compact
  • Jennifer Zinth, Founder, Zinth Consulting LLC

Type of Webinar: Public

Description: Concurrent enrollment programs are popular, prevalent, and impactful. Yet, recent analyses of access and participation data reveal troubling equity gaps nationwide. As states and institutions work to close these gaps by increasing access, a critical factor is inhibiting program growth, the availability of high school teachers with the coursework and experience needed to meet partner colleges' criteria to teach college courses.  In recent years a series of clarifications and changes to concurrent enrollment teacher credentialing requirements, converging with an increased focus on concurrent enrollment by policy and practice leaders, has generated significant state and local interest in growing the number of high school teachers credentialed to teach concurrent enrollment courses.

The panel provided an overview of a resource, Building a Concurrent Enrollment Teacher Pipeline: Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons, which outlines state and institutional approaches that are expanding the pool of qualified concurrent enrollment instructors. The panel also discusses the big picture issues at play for expanding access and participation and the long-term solutions that could be difference-makers for connecting k12 and higher education.

Tools for Supporting Instructor Success in Dual Enrollment Programs


Date: March 22, 2023


  • Special Guest Deborah Bertsch, Professor of English at Columbus State Community College and Norton Field Guide to Writing author 
  • Katie Incorvia, Associate Director of Sales, NACEP Keystone Partner member
  • Laura Knox, Director of Higher Education Policy and Programs, NACEP Keystone Partner member

Type of Webinar: Public

Description: Want to learn more about new resources in supporting Dual Enrollment instructors and students across the country? Join W. W. Norton, the only independent and employee-owned educational publisher, and special guest Deborah Bertsch, who will share her unique perspective as an educator, Dual Enrollment mentor, and author of a market-leading textbook, for a lively discussion about teaching in today’s Dual Enrollment classroom - and the tools and resources making a difference and setting students up for success.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • The resources Deborah uses to help train new instructors with dually enrolled students and how these tools support classroom instruction.
  • Norton’s unique approach to dual enrollment, both in its editorial processes and faculty support.
  • Current offerings for the dual enrollment space, including a no cost resource for the market.
  • How we at Norton are addressing key topics like affordability, access, and equity.

Policy to Practice - How to Engage Policy Makers


Date: March 29, 2023


  • Alex Perry, Policy Advisor, Foresight Law + Policy
  • Emily Rusca, Director of State Policy Strategy at Education Systems Center, Greater Chicago Area
  • Aimee Galvin, Government Affairs Director at STAND for Children Illinois

Type of Webinar: Member-Only

Description: This webinar will discuss policy engagement and ways to navigate advocacy at varying levels - whether federally, state, or local. This session will highlight policy nuance as well as provide examples of how other states engage policy and policymakers in order to drive conversation and ideas concerning dual and concurrent enrollment.