NACEP Coronavirus Guidance and Resources

Our rapidly changing local, state and federal responses to COVID19 are creating challenges on college and high school campuses. Given that our work straddles both worlds, complexities abound. We know that you are incredibly busy responding to questions that you have not previously faced. We wanted to provide you with some support and resources to assist you with your work, while also staying out of your way as much as possible.

We welcome suggestions and topic areas from the NACEP community. Members may share questions and content with us directly via email or with the community via the listserv by emailing

NACEP Resources:

Accreditation Guidance:

  • The following serves as a general guideline for all accredited programs.

State Guidance:

Online and virtual education resources:

Many thanks to Kayla Westra-Minnesota West Community and Technical College and Nick Mathern at Gateway to College-Achieving the Dream for suggesting resources.

Twitter Resources:

  • Corinne Hyde, PhD from University of Southern California shares an excellent set of 12 tips on twitter. Follow her @DrCorinneHyde
    • Some words of wisdom: Keep in mind that you are not designing a robust, comprehensive online learning experience. You are temporarily making an on-ground course remote. Don't change your entire teaching practice right now. There are a ton of tech tools out there, but this isn't the time to overwhelm yourself and your students with learning it all.
  • Jesse Strommel (follow him on twitter: @Jessifer) is an expert in teaching online and has a sample course on his twitterfeed if you would like an example.
    • He suggests: Check in on their ability to connect (do they have wired connections, are they using their phones or computers) Make sure students have contact information for IT support at your college if they need to connect to the LMS for the first time from home. Increase office hours and hold them online. Open up a video call or chat line either in your LMS or on a platform like Zoom or Google Chat.

    Other Tips and Suggestions:

    • Build content quickly by using existing net content (TED talks, YouTube, see Corinne Hyde’s feed for additional resources).
    • Technical Tools to stay communicating and connected
      • Your Learning Management System (LMS) use your existing system as much as possible
      • Texting ( allows for easy group texting)
      • WhatsApp (has video chat options)
      • Zoom
      • Closed Facebook Groups
      • VoiceThread
    • Hints for Supporting Staff: Most staff/faculty/teachers will be learning as they go. Make sure you have ways for staff to stay in touch.
      • Identify the platform you will use for staff communications
      • Set up short check in meetings at least twice a week for updates and to discuss student progress. Zoom, GoogleChat, or conference call platforms can be used for these check ins
      • Ensure all staff get the official updates about campus and Gateway
      • For staff working remotely, encourage them to set up schedules and set up a dedicated workspace.
      • Find out how IT support is being handled at your college and provide the appropriate contact information to staff.