NACEP Announces Five Keystone Partners for 2020

NACEP is excited to announce our 2020 Keystone Partners.  Arches are one of the most iconic and enduring structures found in architecture. At each arch’s apex sits the keystone, creating lasting stability by artfully locking the other pieces into position and helping to share the load. NACEP created Keystone Partners to recognize organizations that play a similar role in connecting and supporting the field of concurrent and dual enrollment. Their work has had an important impact on our mission to advance quality college courses for high school students. Keystone Partners are organizations that help to connect the field, lighten the load, and improve our collective approach to the work. These are organizations eager to build relationships and expand their presence from NACEP events to year-round connections. “This program is an important next step for how we support our community and its sponsors, stated Miranda Rodriguez, NACEP Director of Communications. We wanted to create an opportunity for these partners to connect with our membership and provide solutions to common issues.”

There are five inaugural Keystone Partners for 2020: DualEnroll, Latinos in Action, Pearson, Textbook Acquisition Services, and VitalSource. Janet Van Pelt, CEO of DualEnroll, a longtime presence at NACEP events, stated, “since NACEP’s 2012 National Conference in Seattle, DualEnroll has supported these events as a premium sponsor every time the opportunity was available.  We’re delighted to have this opportunity to participate in a more holistic, strategic partnership and look forward to supporting the dual/concurrent enrollment community and NACEP for many years to come.”

NACEP is thrilled to continue building the relationship between our Keystone Partners and our community. This initiative will take us into the next decade and showcases our mutual dedication to supporting the field and its practitioners.

Check out more information on each of our Keystone Partners:

DualEnroll, is the only commercial software platform purpose-built to automate and streamline all aspects of dual and concurrent program management.  Dozens of colleges use DualEnroll to register students, credential high school instructors, automate recurring activities like syllabus collection, site visits, grade reporting, and roster reconciliation, and manage NACEP accreditation requirements. Learn More.

Latinos in Action, the mission of Latinos In Action (LIA) is empowering Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities. We achieve this through culturally responsive social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, and leadership development. From one classroom in 2001, LIA has grown into a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating in 240 middle, junior, and high schools in 11 states with more than 8,000 students. In 2015, LIA was awarded the White House Bright Spot for Hispanic Education by the White House Initiative on Excellence in Hispanic Education. With 98% of our students graduating high school and 85% enrolling in college, the results speak for themselves. Learn more. 

Pearson, as the dual enrollment component of K–12 education continues to expand, Pearson is dedicated to providing digital and print solutions that meet the unique needs of programs in this space. Going forward, technology will be the foundation that keeps you and your students connected. We’re committed to helping you build a positive learning experience through flexible, engaging content solutions that can be easily delivered online. Learn more 

Textbook Acquisition Services, we at Textbook Acquisition Services provide textbooks for Dual Enrollment, Early College, STEM and CCP programs, at the lowest rates possible. With decades of experience with the textbook world amongst our staff, we have developed many partnerships that allow us to provide both new and used text while saving your programs money that can otherwise be allocated to different portions of your program budget. Our goal is for you to give us your booklist and let us do the work for you while providing the cheapest possible rates along with unparalleled customer service! Learn More. 

VitalSource, makes it easy to evolve & thrive in a digital world. We create connected, flexible technology solutions that help our partners deliver affordable, accessible & impactful learning experiences to everyone, everywhere. Partners use VitalSource platforms & tools to form end-to-end course & content creation-to-consumption solutions that adapt to all learning environments. We are the global leader in streamlining the complex infrastructure that underpins digitally powered learning experiences. For 25 years, we’ve set the pace & continue to be the trusted, preferred resource for thousands of institutions, content providers, faculty, students, corporations & associations worldwide. Learn More.