NACEP Accredited Programs

National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) accreditation distinguishes high-quality concurrent enrollment programs administered by institutions of higher education throughout the nation. To obtain NACEP accreditation, programs undergo an extensive self-study, carefully document how the program adheres to NACEP's Standards, and present evidence to peer reviewers from NACEP-accredited programs. NACEP’s Standards promote the implementation of policies and practices to ensure that:

  • College courses offered in the high school are of the same quality and rigor as the courses offered on-campus at the sponsoring college or university;
  • Students enrolled in concurrent enrollment courses are held to the same standards of achievement as students in the on-campus course;
  • Instructors teaching college courses through the concurrent enrollment program meet the academic requirements for faculty and instructors teaching in the sponsoring post-secondary institution and are provided discipline-specific professional development;
  • Concurrent enrollment programs display greater accountability through required impact studies, student surveys, and course and program evaluations

For the academic year 2021-22, 134 concurrent enrollment programs earned NACEP accreditation.  NACEP accreditation is valid for five years for initial programs and seven years for a re-accredited program

Click here for a downloaded PDF of NACEP Accredited Programs.