NACEP Accreditation Commission Record of Decisions April 2021

April 2021

In accordance with NACEP's commitment to public disclosure and the Accreditation Commission's Policy and Procedures Manual, this Record of Decision documents the formal actions taken by the NACEP Accreditation Commission at its spring meeting on April 13, 2021, with regard to concurrent enrollment programs that applied for NACEP accreditation during the 2019-20 application cycle. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the NACEP Accreditation Commission voted on May 5, 2020, to postpone the 2020-21 accreditation cycle.


The following programs submitted for NACEP accreditation in the 19-20 cycle and were found to be in compliance with all 16 of NACEP's accreditation standards. The programs were granted the initial accreditation period of 5 years:

To earn accreditation, the programs demonstrated significant progress on one or more unmet standards and submitted all final evidence demonstrating consistent implementation of the identified standards to the Accreditation Commission.

December 2020


The following program was denied initial accreditation April 2020 and within sixty (60) days after receiving notification of an adverse accrediting action, was granted reconsideration. The following program demonstrated that they are in compliance with all 16 of NACEP's accreditation standards and their application for reaccreditation was granted:

To maintain accreditation, these programs are required to continue implementing all practices identified in NACEP's standards and complete an annual report of activities.


Mike Beam, Indiana University (Chair), Diana Johnson, NorthWest Arkansas Community College (Vice-Chair), Lorry Beth Wilson, West Kentucky Community and Technical College (Member-At-Large), Rebecca De Leon, South Texas College (Four-Year Representative), Connie Poteet, National Park College (Two- Year Representative), Karen Landry, Everett Community College (Two- Year Representative), Megan Adamczyk, Minnesota State Community and Technical College (Two-Year Postsecondary),  Michael Altomari Minnesota State University Mankato (Four- Year Representative), Brett Meeker, Missouri Southern State University (Four- Year Representative), Laura McMullin, Farmingdale State College (Four- Year Representative), Marian Borgmann-Ingwersen Nebraska Wesleyan University (Private Postsecondary), (Staff, Non-Voting), Freda Richmond, NACEP Director of Accreditation (Staff, Non-Voting), Kay-Leigh Malzi, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (Incoming Commissioners, Non-Voting),  Sandra Wald, Central Methodist University (Incoming Commissioners, Non-Voting)