Events from January 24, 2024 - December 12, 2023

Research Rendezvous

Member-Only Are you looking for ways to collect data and better understand your program?  Join NACEP's Research Rendezvous and learn from practiced researchers ways to collect and analyze data whether...

Research Rendezvous

Join NACEP’s Research Rendezvous and learn from practiced researchers ways to collect and analyze data from assessment and evaluation, program planning, and beyond.

Research Round-Up: The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

This NACEP research roundup focuses on what research tells us about the benefits of dual enrollment for students. Presenters will review and discuss articles specific to the field. Viewers will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions as well as review articles prior to the webinar.

Increasing the Supply of Credentialed Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

In a rural section of the country that is struggling to get teachers in a classroom - regardless of qualifications, how can we get qualified concurrent enrollment instructors? Understanding the complexities of the secondary education classroom along with teacher mindset help to provide insight into the high school world.

Foster Gratitude Among General Education and Dual Credit Communities

Statewide conversations about General Education and Dual Credit are strong but have seldom overlapped in Idaho. During this webinar, attendees will learn more about the context, design, scope, reception, and future of this effort to build common statewide awareness and understanding of how Dual Credit and General Education meaningfully intersect.

Research Rendezvous

Research Rendezvous is an informal meeting of colleagues that offers a casual, discussion-based interactive environment for individuals looking to learn more about research and ways to incorporate it into their dual enrollment program.