May Webinar Series, Grow Your Program

April showers bring May flowers - in nature and in dual and concurrent enrollment. Whether it is registration, program scheduling, advising, or all the above, NACEP is ready to help you weather the storm. May is a time for growth, and in dual and concurrent enrollment, it can be a time for reflection and practical planning to support program initiatives. Join us as we highlight ways our practitioners and programs facilitate growth and progress in their programs to promote equitable access in the field. 

Engaging Latino Youth in Dual Credit Opportunities 


Date: May 3; 1:00 pm EST

Presenter: Jose Enriquez, CEO/President

Webinar Type: Public

Description: Dr. Jose Enriquez, Founder/CEO of Latinos In Action (LIA), will share best practices for engaging Latino Youth in dual credit opportunities. LIA offers an asset-based approach to bridging the graduation and opportunity gap for Latino students, working from within the educational system to create positive change. In 2015, LIA was awarded the White House Bright Spot for Hispanic Education by the White House Initiative on Excellence in Hispanic Education.



Oklahoma just applied for a NACEP state chapter.

Concurrent Education in Oklahoma: Lessons Learned and Our Future (Member-Only)


Date: May 10; 1:00 pm EST;


  • Rachel Bates - Associate Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education;
  • Melissa Steadley - Director, Concurrent Enrollment Programs, Tulsa Community College;
  • Mary Cantrell - Professor of English and George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Faculty Chair for Dual Credit, Tulsa Community College


Panelists will provide a broad overview of concurrent education and early college programs in Oklahoma.

Department Structures. How to structure Concurrent Enrollment departments to support the student journey (Public Webinar)


Date: May 17; 1:00 pm EST


  • Raymond Chard- Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Director of High School Programs, Aims Community College;
  • Sarah Stashkiw - Director, P-20 Educational Partnerships, College of Lake County

Description: State to state, college to college, each concurrent enrollment program looks a little different. From staffing to roles and responsibilities, there seems to be little continuity across programs. However, the challenges we all face seem to be similar across the board. During this webinar, you will hear from 2 concurrent enrollment programs in 2 different states on how they have structured their teams to support students through their concurrent enrollment journey. You will learn how they leverage other departments across their college and have advocated for increasing the number of staff supporting concurrent enrollment students. As we walk through the student's journey in concurrent enrollment from application to graduation, you will learn more about how two colleges have organized their concurrent enrollment offices, what positions are on their staff, and the strategic partnerships they have created.

Building Bridges for Success​- Best Practices for Building and Developing Positive Relationships Between High School and College Counselors​ (Member-Only Webinar)


Date: May 31; 1:00 pm EST


  • Imani Cabell - Assistant Director: Dual Enrollment, University of North Georgia- Gainesville Student Center;
  • Charles Bell - Title IV Career & College Coordinator, Hall County School System

Description: The presentation seeks to help all dual enrollment stakeholders understand the role that building, strengthening, and maintaining partnerships can play in the fostering of not only secondary and post-secondary programs but in the growth and understanding of the student and their families.