Membership Directory

Advanced Technology Academy

Membership Secondary Institution
Address 4801 Oakman Boulevard Dearborn, MI
Website atafordpas.org
Primary Contact Information:
Name Hannah Hawthorne / Assistant Superintendent & Deputy Chief Academic Officer
Email accountspayable@atafordpas.org
Phone 313 582-4500

Ferris State University

Membership Post-Secondary Institution
Address 820 Campus Drive Big Rapids, MI
Website www.tinyurl.com/hmle9zz
Primary Contact Information:
Name Deedee Stakley / Director Transfer Services Center
Email stakled@ferris.edu
Phone 231 591-5983

Lake Michigan College

Membership Post-Secondary Institution
Address 2755 E. Napier Ave Benton Harbor, MI
Website www.lakemichigancollege.edu/earlycollege
Primary Contact Information:
Name Rita Whise / Director, Early Middle College Partnerships
Email rwhise@lakemichigancollege.edu
Phone 269 927-6278
NACEP-accredited concurrent enrollment program

Mid Michigan College

Membership Post-secondary Institutional Membership ($560) & Annual Accredited Program Fee ($250)
Address 2600 S. Summerton Road Mt. Pleasant, MI
Website www.midmich.edu/
Primary Contact Information:
Name Rick Smith / Associate Dean of Off Campus Instruction
Email rjsmith2@midmich.edu
Phone 989 386-6631

Northern Michigan University

Membership Post-Secondary Institution
Address Northern Michigan University Marquette, MI
Website http://www.nmu.edu/extendedlearning/northern-promise
Primary Contact Information:
Name Steve VandenAvond / Vice President, Extended Learning and Community Engagement
Email svanden@nmu.edu
Phone 906 227-6766

Rockford Public Schools

Membership Secondary Institution
Address 350 N. Main Street Rockford, MI
Website www.rockfordschools.org/
Primary Contact Information:
Name Lisa Jacobs / Executive Director for Community Services
Email ljacobs@rockfordschools.org
Phone 616 863-6322