Call for Nominations for NACEP Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in running for election to a position with the NACEP Board of Directors. We are excited that you are interested in lending your talent, insight, and voice to the leadership of our organization. Serving on the Board is an excellent opportunity for members to deepen their engagement with the organization, grow as a professional, and build impactful relationships with our volunteer leadership and members. Board members are integral to the advancement of the organization and its mission.

Serving on the Board requires commitment and accountability. It is important that we are transparent with candidates throughout the process by providing information about the position and expectations.

Time Commitment: Board members commit to monthly calls and attending two in-person Board meetings a year. The monthly calls are held on Go-to-Meeting and or teleconference. The meetings are scheduled for an hour and a half on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Board members are given access to materials pertinent to the call in advance are expected to review the materials prior to the meeting. Board members are expected to attend a two-day Board meeting at the National Conference in the fall and a second two-day meeting, generally held in conjunction with our spring regional conference. There are occasional projects and activities and committees that Board members work on.

Financial Support: NACEP provides Board members with one night lodging and breakfasts, lunches, and one dinner for each in-person meeting. Board member’s institutions are expected to cover other travel costs, although additional travel support is occasionally available from NACEP.

Additional Considerations


  • Eligibility: The candidate for President-Elect must come from a NACEP–accredited program and have previously served on the Board.
  • Term: This is actually a four-year term. The President-Elect serves one, two-year term on the Board as president-elect and then moves into the position of President upon the completion of their predecessor’s two-year term. Therefore, in running for President-Elect, you are committing to a four-year term, two as President-Elect, and two as President. President and President-Elect terms are non-renewable.
  • Responsibilities: Presides in the absence of the President, serves as Chair of the National Conference Planning Committee and is the liaison to the Board regarding the national conference, assists the President, occasionally chairs other committees/works on projects.

Board Secretary

  • Eligibility: The candidate for Secretary must come from a NACEP–accredited program.
  • Term: This is a two-year term. Renewable up to two terms.
  • Responsibilities: The Secretary shall maintain a full and accurate record of the proceedings of all Board meetings and the annual membership meeting (or other special meetings as necessary). The Secretary distributes the minutes of the meeting within 30 days of the close of the meeting.

Two-year Institutional Representative

  • Eligibility: The candidate for Two-Year Institutional Representative must come from a NACEP–accredited program that is as two-year institution.
  • Term: This is a three-year term. Renewable up to two terms.
  • Responsibilities: Institutional Representatives serve as the voice on the Board for their same type of institutions within our membership (public, private, 4-year, 2-year, secondary, state agency). They also serve on the nominating committee and as such may have two to three committee meetings each year and help coordinate outreach to members interested in volunteer leadership positions.