Request for Proposals for Strategic Planning Services

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) is seeking proposals from individuals or firms to facilitate the strategic planning process for our 2021 strategic plan. The successful bidder will work closely with the Strategic Planning Committee consisting of the Executive Director and several board members to develop the specific details and logistics of the planning process.


April 10th, 2020

Detailed Guidance and RFP

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Scope of Services

  • Productive Collaboration. Work closely with the Executive Director and Board leadership to develop specific details of the planning process, including the timeline, logistics, and the look and feel of the deliverables. Collaborative conversations are should include the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback with respect to the content and structure of both stakeholder engagement and board planning sessions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Engage a diverse group of stakeholders including past and present members, volunteer leaders, and leaders in and around the field to inform the strategic planning process. The projected number of stakeholders to be engaged outside of the context of the Board Planning Session (see below) is between 15 – 20 individuals most of whom are members of NACEP. Stakeholder engagement may consist of surveys or interviews. Your proposal should describe how you will engage stakeholders, the anticipated time an individual stakeholder might have to commit, and how you will provide the results of the stakeholder input as part of the process.
  • Board Planning Sessions. Facilitators are expected to conduct one strategic planning session with the board of directors and additional staff/other stakeholders. The target group for the Board Planning Session, not to exceed 20 people, would include a diverse group of those engaged in the field. It is projected that a full 8-hour time frame could be dedicated to the Board Planning Session either in October 25th or 28th, 2020 in conjunction with our annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri, or at a 2021 spring meeting, dates and location TBD. Other sessions could also be virtual with a few additional targeted stakeholders.
  • Outcomes.  Overall planning outcomes should include affirmation, revision, or reinvention of mission, vision, and value statements as well as strategic goals, strategies/action steps, and key performance indicators.
  • Timeline. The deadline for completion of the plan is October 2021 and work must start prior to January 1st, 2021. A possible draft timeline is provided below for reference.
    • March/April 2020-Bids are solicited, finalists chosen for the Board to review
    • May 2020-SP facilitator selected at the Board meeting
    • June-October 2020-Time for prep work by SP facilitator (landscape assessment, interviews, identification of stakeholders to include in the SP process)
    • October 2020-Option for a face-to-face SP meeting as part of the Board meeting at the National Conference
    • Spring 2021- Option for a face-to-face SP meeting with the facilitator at the spring regional conference.
    • Summer 2021-Final product review and revision
    • October 2021-Adoption of the new SP by the Board, presentation of the new SP to the membership at the 2021 conference business meeting