Minnesota Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (MnCEP)


Minnesota Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Consortium 

To: Minnesota Secondary and Postsecondary Dual Enrollment Stakeholders

From: MnCEP Board of Directors

RE: Meeting LIVE via Zoom:  July 29, 1:00-4:00 pm 

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Summer 2020 Membership and Stakeholder Meeting Agenda

1:00-1:10 pm:  Welcome Back!

1:10-1:45 pm:   Plenary Session

National Policy:  Equity in Dual Enrollment

Sharmila Mann, Education Commission of the States, Denver, CO

Examples from states that have improved equitable student access and success, addressed teacher capacity, and finance through policies for CE programs.

1:50-2:30 pm: CE Partners Best Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

Issues and Solutions Discussion Groups Select a topic to learn from colleagues and across systems.

 Issues & Solutions Topic Groups (discussion leads):

  1. Discipline-specific ongoing professional development online (Sue)
  2. Program compliance: Ensure learning outcomes of the college courses are being addressed (Megan)
  3. Student support and advising (Scott)
  4. NACEP Accreditation preparations and issues (Kim)
  5. Group suggestion (Denise)

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-3:45 MnCEP Goals

Goal Presentation and Action Group Breakout Sessions 

Select by goal area to discuss/create projects that serve MnCEP mission & goals.

  1. Equity Goals and Reporting: Dual enrollment options are successful equity strategies in Minnesota
  2. Program Integrity & Credit Transfer: Support NACEP accreditation and study credit transfer and recognition rates
  3. Finance: CE strategies are fully funded, non-competitive, and support student and teacher equity in Minnesota
  4. Course Access & Availability: Create & sustain equitable CE course access and availability in each location
  5. Instructor Capacity: Ensure long-term capacity to prepare prospective instructors and support current CE instructors’ success teaching a college course and ensure ongoing learning
  6. Student and Program Navigational Supports: CEP/PSEO Supports are in place to uphold student success needs while taking a CE course.   Academic Advising (Top 10); research review

3:50-4:00 pm: Next Steps 2020-21

Meeting Closure

Keystone Partners