Illinois Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Past Events

Annual ILACEP Dual Credit Summit

Our annual ILACEP Dual Credit Summit took place on Friday, April 21 at Joliet Junior College.

“Getting Up to Speed on Dual Credit: Protocols, Policies, and Best Practices”

8:30-9:30              Registration (U-Building Auditorium)

9:30-10                 Keynote Address: Dr. Laz Lopez, Illinois Community College Board Chair / Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, District 214

10:15-10:55         Breakout Session 1:

How Data Demands Dual Credit for Everyone

Bring your own device to this session to discuss early college credit issues. Participants will first hear about a new study on early college credit as an equity issue, America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have-Nots. Then, you will use your own device to research your high school’s/feeder schools’ reported early college data on the Illinois Report Card. Finally, participants will consider the impact ISBE’s new readiness definition may have on the demand for early college opportunities and community-wide activities to improve students’ preparation for college and careers.

Amy Jo Clemens, Debbie Pixton: NIU Center for P-20 Engagement

Title: When Two Rights Make a Wrong

Exploring the complexity disability laws place on dual credit. The discrepancy between the IDEA and the ADA can be problematic and impact the outcome and experience for students enrolled in dual credit.

Mindy Diaz, Coordinator of Student Accommodations and Resources (StAR): Joliet Junior College

The Power of Pathways and How They Impact the First Year Experience at JJC

There is a direct correlation between early degree program entry and degree completion using guided pathways.  Understand the role of the First Year Experience Team and the steps students should be preparing to take to help connect them to resources and support services.

11:05-11:45         Spotlight Panel Q & A

Marci Johnson, Director of Teaching and Learning: Illinois State Board of Education

Gretchen Lohman, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs: Illinois Board for Higher Education

Whitney Thompson, Director for Career and Technical Education, Illinois Community College Board


Dual Credit Teacher Credentialing Options at Illinois Public Universities

Dual Credit English Credentialing

1:05-1:45              Breakout Session 2:

Finding Your Fit: Expanding College Credit Options for High School Students through Planning and Partnerships

Over the past four years, Kennedy-King College on the South Side of Chicago has grown the number of students receiving college credit through Dual Credit course offerings. Today you will learn how to enhance collaborative and strategic partnerships that will have more students prepared for college level work and receiving college credit at a fraction of the cost of a four-year university.

Shannice Berry: Kennedy-King Community College

Elgin Community College – Accelerate College

In collaboration with D300 and D303, Elgin Community College (ECC) launched a full-time dual credit pilot program in AY2016-17. Students complete their last year of high school and earn a maximum of 30 credit hours. The program influenced the state’s HB5561-Community College Accelerate Program. ECC welcomed 38 students on campus this past fall and will continue to expand the program in AY2017-18. The students complete courses in all general education categories that meet their high school graduation requirements. The presentation will focus on the development, implementation, and evaluation of the program, which will highlight the work of multiple internal and external partners.

Rodrigo Lopez and Mia Hardy: Elgin Community College

Dual Credit Experiences Panel Discussion/Dialogue

JJC partner high school representatives will talk about the role dual credit plays at their respective campuses. This session will serve as discussion where panel members and attendees can engage in a dialogue to share dual credit experiences and best practices.

  • Tim Ricketts, Principal: Reed Custer High School
  • Elizabeth Kaufman, Assistant Director: WILCO Area Career Center
  • Dr. Daniel McDonnell, Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Plainfield School District
  • Kate Morris, Humanities Division Chair: Plainfield East High School
  • Denise Dalton, Division Chair for Student Service: Lemont High School
  • Jenifer Elliott, Guidance Counselor, Reed Custer High School

1:50-2:30              ILACEP Members: ILACEP Business Meeting

Joliet Junior College/ District 525 Members

Marci Johnson: Director of Teaching and Learning, Illinois State Board of Education

                Presentation: Competency based pilot and Ed 360 educator dashboard.

Curriculum Review and Q&A with JJC Dual Credit Administrators

2:30                        Adjournment