2019 Bylaw Proposals Online Forum Now Closed

The online forum for NACEP members to engage in discussion about the proposed bylaw amendments was open from April 16 to May 17 and is now closed.    Thank you to all members who submitted comments on the proposals on the forum, by email, or during two conference calls.  

The Board of Directors is reviewing the feedback submitted by members and considering advice from legal counsel before submitting final amendments to the voting members in June.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director Amy Williams.

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    Gretchen Brunner

    I feel that the attention to updating the bylaws is great. It continues to show the forward thinking nature of the organization as a whole. I am truly excited to see professional organizations and state agencies recognized as they play a vital role in successful programs across the nation.

    I do have one concern that I wanted to address and that is the disbanding of the secondary partners committee. I have been a part of the committee for two years now and have found the work we have done to be very important for recognizing secondary partners. Currently we are working on secondary partner standards and we held a valuable discussion at last year’s national conference as well. I don’t know that there needs to be this exact committee, but I do think if we want to continue to make our secondary partners aware of the work of NACEP, that some form of committee or advocacy group is important.

    Thank you for the time and effort you have put into these changes. You have done an excellent job of supporting programs.

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      Amy Williams

      Hi Gretchen! Thanks for your outstanding work on the Secondary Committee. I agree this is a critical voice to have at NACEP. I think one of the exciting things about the proposed bylaw changes is that each commission will have a secondary voice, in addition to a voice for secondary on the board. This will make secondary representatives more connected with ALL the commissions, since they will have a place at ALL the tables.
      I do agree that the secondary committee brings an important lens to the work and I am grateful for the focus they have brought to serving to this part of the membership. Luckily, under the proposed bylaw changes an ad hoc secondary committee can be created so that projects and focus work are appropriately supported.